1. The Plea of “Res Judicial”, “Judicial estoppel” and merger in Judgment” - C.P. Keertisinghe HCJ andKanishka Keertisinghe AAL 
  2. Recovering Debts under recovery (special provisions Act ) - Wikum A. Kaluarachchi HCJ
  3. Revocation of a gift on the ground of gross ingratitude - Wijedasa Rajapakshe PC 
  4. Lex aquillia – Is Legislature interference a necessity - Ananda Wickramasekara AAL 
  5. The Law relating to Contempt of Court - M.U.M. Ali Sabry PC
  6. Substitution the way forward - Ananda Wikramasekara AAL
  7. Right of way - Wickum A. Kaluarachchi HCJ 
  8. Arrest and sequestration before Judgment - M.U.M. Ali Sabry PC
  9. විචාරණ - E.M. Anura Bandara AAL 
  10. The burden of proot in Adultery cases in Sri Lanka – A shield for the adulterer? - Eraj de Silva AAL
  11. “Your honour, upon these admissions I move that the defendant must start the case” - H.R. Parashakthi Senanayake AAL
  12. Deeds of gifts Kandyan Law / Roman Dutch Law – A comparative study with special reference to Act 05 of 2017 - Chandra Jayasekara PC
  13. Medical Negligence – Challenges, trends & the needs for reform - Saliya Pieris PC
  14. The law governing Mandatory Injunctions in Sri Lanka - Kurera de Zoysa PC
  15. The procedure pertaining to actions instituted under chapter XXIV of the Civil Procedure Code (The
    Summary Procedure) - Voruna senadhira AAL 
  16. Is it no longer legal to execute Deeds of Declaration declaring one’s ownership based on adverse
    possession? - Jagath Wikramanayake AAL
  17. Scheme inquiries in Partitions Actions – Is it a fusion of Law and Equity ? - H.R. Parashakthi Senanayake AAL
  18. Intestate Succession in the law of Thesawalamai - S. Mandaleswaram AAL
  19. Execution of writ under Civil Procedure Code and Recent Development - Chandima Mutjukumarana
  20. Of Commissions and Commissioners. - H.R. Prashalathi Senanayake 
  21. An analysis of the principles of vicarious liability in relation to certain aspects of Road Traffic Accidents - Thishya Weragoda, AAL
  22. Steps in regard to appeal, revision and other related matters under civil procedure code and High Court of the provinces (special provinces Amendment)Act 54 of 2006 - C.V. Vivekanthan, AAL
  23. Inherent powers of the Courts - Kandiah Neelakandan, AAL
  24. Wages BoardsV. Vimalarajah AAL
  25. Certain remedies available in Sri Lanka law for negligent omissions of the police - Chamila Talagala AAL
  26. Willful refusal to consummate the marriage, as a ground for nullity of marriage -  Piyal Wijayaweera AAL
  27. Electronic Evidence in Sri Lanka - Sehan Anthony Zoysa State Counsel
  28. Action on negotiable Instruments - C.V. Vivekananthan AAL
  29. Inspection of Documents - C.V. Vivekananthan AAL
  30. Interrogatory and its mechanism - C.V Vivekananthan 
  31. Developments and concepts in relation to actions against State minister and public officers - Vikum De Abrew 
  32. Interim Injumctoms - M.U.M Ali Sabry PC
  33. Custody of minor children under General Law - U.L. Abdul Majeed
  34. Trusts and the Perception Ordinance - Dr. L.J.M. Cooray
  35. An Analysis of the law relating to prescription Among co-owners - Ranjan C. Gooneratne 
  36. Law of Property- the Rei vindicatio Action and Action for Declaration of Title - Hon.FranK Gunawaradhana 
  37. Law of Delict- Revisiting prof. Priyani soysa V Rienzi Arescularatne Adapting Roman Dutch Law, expanding damages and Relaxing causation - Dr. Avanti Perera
  38. Identification of corpus in partition actions - Ananda Wikramasekara
  39.  An Ancient Law applicable to certain immovable properties in Sri Lanka - Samantha Ratwatta
  40. The applicability of commissions in civil Litigation - Vasantha Gajanayaka
  41. Defending your rights in the digital world: Defamation via social media - M.UM. Ali Sabry PC and Shehani Alwis 
  42. The Law governing child custody in the context of disputes between parents during the breakdown of marriage and related interim orders in Sri Lanka - Kuvera De Zoysa 
  43. “Dangerous Instrument on the roads” – Lord denningChandra Jayasekara
  44. The Law relating to the right to compensation for Improvements, the concept of possessio civilis and the requirement of bona fides - Hor. Pradeep Keerthisinghe
  45. Liability of the state for Actions and inactions of the Police - Hon. Pamila Rathnayake
  46. Rule of per Incuriam – An exception to the doctrine of Stare Decisis - Ayesh Jinasena 
  47. Donation under Muslim Law, A critical Analysis on its Applications under the present context -  M.S.M. Hussain
  48. Recognition and Enforcement of foreign judgments - Hon Justice K.T. Chithrasiri
  49. Retrospective and prospective Application of Laws Affecting vested rights - Hon. Mahie Wijeweera 
  50. An Analysis of the Law relating to sections 614 and 615 of the Civil Procedure Code in view of Divorce - Nalani Kamalika Manathunga, Salika Wijeratne
  51. The amount recoverable as interest relatin to civil litigations in view of sections of Introductions of Law of England ordinance (Civil Law Ordinance) A comparative Analysis - Hon Manjula Karunarathna
  52. Insurance litigation - G. Nihal Fernando PC
  53.  Insurance ogling third party risks - Hon Manjula Karunarathne
  54. Cancelation of the registration of caveats – procedure and Practice - Kushan D Alwis PC
  55. A simplified summery procednce to facilitate the efficient recovery on mortgages - Palitha Kumarasinghe PC 
  56. Law relatind to adoption of children in Sri Lanka - Hon Nuwan Tharaka Heenatigala
  57. Legal ownership battle between the ‘Registered Owner’ and ‘Absolute owner’ - Kamini T. Disanayake
  58. “Food for thought” - Chandra Jayasekara PC
  59. An analysis of the development of the applicability of divorce law in Sri Lanka - Priyal Wijayaweera 
  60. Medical Negligence – To tell or not to tell - Rohan Sahabandhu PC
  61. Some legal Matlers Pertaining to deeds - Jagath Wikramanayake PC